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here's an idea (brake light repeater)

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in the late 70s i had an occasion to drive a lady's Lincoln and noticed inside the rear window was a box with two little lights. i figured out what the ywere.

on a recent post i saw where someone installed a blue led in the seatbelt bulge so when he hit the brakes the lite would come on and light up the inside rear of the each his own.

my idea is to mount an led somewhere inside the rear to be seen in the rear view mirror. when the led comes on it means the brake light is working (splice it in series). so many people drive around not knowing a brake light was out.
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Cadillac had those at one time, maybe they still do. it was a fiber optic strand that went down to each tail light and would glow when the bulb lit up. I can usually see my tail lights on the road when I hit the brakes.

For some reason the headlights go out more than the tail lights and you will know when one of them goes out. My theory is that most headlights are made to work on 13 volts and the smart runs on just over 14 volts, thus the bulbs on the headlights burn out faster.
I install a lot of sensors at work that use fiber optics and I have a cutter that holds the cable and cuts it with a blade. works fine without having to polish it.
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