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Just bought a 2009 Brabus (one of the first 1500 sold in America!)! The first Smart Car I ever saw (probably a 450) was on vacation outside my hotel room on one of their narrow side streets in Paris backed up to the sidewalk between two parallel parked cars! Then while sightseeing I saw my first Brabus and literally LOL'd as I snapped a photo and gave the driver a big thumbs because it was such a ridiculous concept-- I guess if you are going to drive a smart micro-car, it might as well be a tuner version with the biggest fattest tires and wheels that will fit, lowered suspension, sports exhaust, body kit with flares and spoilers... on what is essentially a phone booth on wheels! It has just made me LOL since the first day I saw it... and have wanted one ever since. And 20+ years later I found one! Although I have always told my women friends to never EVER tell a man that his car is "cute" in this case I have to agree the Smart Car IS cute and the Brabus makes it a COOL cute! People are already stopping in parking lots asking me what it is. Anyway I love the car, love the Smart Car community I have been discovering online, and have already relied on posts from this website to help me learn basic info and maintenance! Looking forward to learning (and sharing) as much as I can from the Smart community! VROOMS VROOMS! (Paddle shifters for a 70hp car that takes 13 seconds to go 0-60 lolllll.)
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