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Hi Smarties! We are Blinker- an award winning app and we have over 60 Smart

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Happy almost Spring! We at Blinker could not be more excited about warmer weather to get out on the road for some awesome adventures. You may have heard of us, or this may be the first time you've seen our name. We are an app based in the West Coast where individuals can buy and sell their vehicles themselves. We are a free app and we charge no fees to buy or sell. One of our favorite parts of our app, is that you can finance a vehicle from your couch. Any vehicle you see on our website or app which has a monthly payment option is eligible for financing; AND you can check to see if you can afford that vehicle within minutes without affecting your credit!


We currently have a unique and exciting opportunity to partner with Sixt in Fulton, CA. They have a fleet of amazing Smart Cars coming off rentals which have low miles! With Sixt, we have over 60 Smart Cars immediately available. You can see around 25 of those vehicles on our app or website, and we are uploading more very soon. Sixt gives you the ability to go look at their fleet, test drive them, and pick the Smart Car that is right for your lifestyle. Blinker gives you the ability to make low monthly payments on that Smart Car you just have to have.

We are currently expanding and can offer financing in California, Colorado, Texas and Florida. So if you are a Smartie living in one of these states, kick off your shoes, hop on line, start shopping and see if you qualify for low monthly payments today. We look forward to helping make your next Smart Car shopping and buying experience the best you've ever imagined! If you have any questions, we are here to help.
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