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I recall seeing this issue on this forum over a year ago, or perhaps it was elsewhere online. But a search has not revealed it.

I have a 2016 Smart Cabriolet. Sometimes (fairly often, but irregularly) the horn starts blaring in repeated beeps when I turn the car off, stopping only after I press the unlock button on the key. The dealer appears to have ignored the issue the first time I asked them to check it (which I am assuming since they have no record of my asking them to fix the problem,) and they were unwilling to look into it during the scheduled time recently when I brought the car in for other service. (In fairness, they squeezed me in for a quick fix of another issue. I don't blame them for not being able to look into this during my last service visit. I've had good service in the past.)

But I'm tired of the problem persisting. I've had it for well over a year now!

Is this a common problem for this model of Smart? Or perhaps a common problem for any car? In particular, can anyone guess a solution I can take with me to my dealer (World Wide Autos, Mercedes, on 96th Street, Indianapolis)?

p.s. During my last service, my service representative told me that in a another year they will cease servicing Smart Cars. My warranty ends after another 10,000 miles, which will expire within that year. And we have an excellent place in Bloomington, IN that I'm confident can service the car well (amusingly, also called World Wide Auto Service, but not connected with Mercedes in Indy.) Getting parts may be another issue!

Does anyone know if Louisville or Cincinnati Mercedes will continue servicing Smarts, or if they do now? I'm concerned for those with slightly newer Smarts who will have no means of getting warranty service. One would have expected an elite company like Mercedes would commit to their customers! It's no wonder there's growing cynicism toward big business. (They also will not give loaners to Smart customers, only to Mercedes customers!)
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