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Our 2011 Passion coupe's horn has fallen mute. Power door locks work fine, so fuse is good. No juice is reaching the horn, so there's an electrical fault upstream. I've seen posts that mention a relay in the SAM. How does one check that (without a dealership's array of diagnostic tools)? I've also tried spinning the wheel lock-to-lock with the horn switch depressed hoping a short in the clockspring might close and blow the horn. Nope.

How hard is it to swap clocksprings without blowing or faulting the airbag/steering position sensor, etc.?

And has anybody had luck just running wiring through the firewall and installing a new switch? If so, where'd you sneak through?

I'm hoping for a solution that's simple, cost effective, and more elegant than rolling the window down and blasting an aerosol air-horn at the idiots constantly texting in front of me at green lights. Thanks.
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