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horn wires

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I found an old junk horn in my junk that works and was wondering if the horn wires were accessible without taking the front end apart.

I was going to just splice into the horn harness.

please advise
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drivers side. If you have the front clip off anyhow, mount a horn on either side of the radiator and run a wire between them.
Did that on my 2013 but used a set of hi/lo Fiamm horns purchased at auto parts store. Much better and louder sound. Did it w/o removing front clip. Wasn’t easy on passenger side but there was a hole for a bolt to anchor the horn bracket. Have a set for my 2016 but haven’t gotten around to installing them.
If you have average size hands you can remove the service flap and reach the wires from above and unclip them from the horn. But, it's very awkward and reinstallation is even worse. BTW, you should expect to get pretty scratched up in the process. It was bad enough so that I went through the wheel well the next time I replaced the horn.
Yep, had some injuries too. Lol Drivers side is doable from top or bottom but passenger side on the 451 is tough to add horn.
Much easier to remove the front clip, especially for running wires. After removing the front clip once or twice, it gets much easier...
I’m certain it is easier with clip removed. You have a great deal of experience in that regards. My 2013 was leased and I didn’t want to do that. It worked out ok and all new wiring was run in a conduit.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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