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I just want to say thank you in advance to whoever can help!!

I PROMISE im not screaming at y'all.... but I am going crazy, literally....

I bought a custom aftermarket grille for my 2017 smart 453 CABRiO...

only issue is it doesn't come with a manual, and I have no idea how to remove the old grille and replace it with the new one... makes sense in theory.. but it=n reality its a #nightmare

Mainly, there is one screw that is screwing my life its not a Phillips, but close a deep hole with 3 lines to the sides like a Benz sign. nobody seems to have to anywhere I even looked online... if anyone knows what its called or when I can get it PLEASE lmk asapppp!!!

P.S: I called Benz they said they don't sell parts, and won't tell me its name :)


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