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So... Been the proud owner of a 2013 Pure and been having tons of fun driving it around for the past 3 months. I bought it used with only 33k Km and it's now at 36k and no issues whatsoever... It's just fun all around.

So that being said, my question is, as mentioned above: How hard can you drive a smart without running the risk of shortening it's lifespan?
I've been going down the highway at 110 to 125kph because it gets there no problem and because I love to see the face of people getting passed by a smart!
I can keep up that speed for anywhere between 75 and 150km depending on where I'm going... I just feel that comfortable in the car at those speeds.
I mean, I don't beat the beat the car up... I don't jam the gas all the time and I don't stomp on the brakes but... I do love to get off the line and swerve in traffic and just go-kart around!
It's so easy and fun to do and because the car is so small, you don't piss off people because there is always room to go through! Never any close calls :)

Am I looking for trouble or can I keep on put-putting away?

Thank you!!

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I got my 2012 new, it has 132,000 miles on it now. I drive it hard practically every day. I'm no stranger to pegging the rev limiter or hitting top speed. Every near fatal occurrence it's faced (trial by fire, trial by bullet, etc) were due to external factors as opposed to my driving style.

This past weekend I towed well over half its weight and soon it's going to be a rally car (ironically I think the ED suspension will help it handle trailers better too).

There are other members here with even more miles than me who've had zero problems with their cars despite tossing them about.

I'd say so long as you keep up on maintenance the car will keep on going and providing you with smiles for years to come no matter how you drive.
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