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How to charge my 2013 ED's air conditioner.

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I see the high & low a/c charge valves and the screw on caps. I just can't fit my hands in to unscrew the cap. I've tried wrenches with extenders but that didn't help. Does anybody know of a tool that reaches in to fit the cap so I may unscrew it? Thanks.
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Ebay shows nothing re 'air conditioning cap wrench'. How about just poking a propane torch and roasting that bad boy loose.
No torches, too much plastic under the hood.. I think I'll end up making a tool. Use a torch, heat up a length of plastic pipe, use a screwdriver to push out some grooves so maybe it'll fit over the cap and grab the ridges. I have to wait for time to fool with it. Good thing today is (8/13/20) temps are back to 'normal" for summer in NJ and a/c works fine when ambient temps are below 90F .
There's a (poor quality) YouTube video that recommends removing the front passenger side wheel and getting to the fill connectors through a small opening in the wheel well...
Evilution shows taking off the front panel and getting to the fill connectors through an opening next to the A/C evaporator...

Or find a friend with really small hands. :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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