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Wonder what will happen now with the requirement for BAP owners to have mandatory annual battery inspections when their closest dealer is now a thousand miles away? Will be interesting if a battery warranty claim comes up.
Pimple on the Daimler elephants butt - as the smart footprint in the U.S. continues to shrink so does their "orphan car" exposure.

smart 451 ED U.S. sales*

MY13 - 923
MY14 - 2,594
MY15 - 1,387
MY16 - 657

Over the last 10 years Daimler/smartUSA has shown little smart Customer loyalty (aside from a few exceptional smart Centers) and that will not be improving? As ownership moves from M-B centric customers beyond CARB states to the general population the basic 4 year warranty will continue to age out.

As we enter that great EV unknown beyond 5 years, the remaining battery assurance plus "rental" customers will become so few that Daimler likely will deal with it on a case by case basis? The most cost effective response from smartUSA would be to offer a (sled + HV battery) buyout @ FMV and move on.

* The vast majority of these were leased w/BAP and continue to be "flipped" at auction without continuation of BAP Warranty or need for Annual Inspection. :shrug:

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive US sales figures
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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