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Greetings from Brasília, capital of Brazil.

I currently DO NOT own a fortwo (yet!) but I´m currently in the process of researching in order to get one.

Yeah, I´m one of those who do a lot of research before getting a "different" car/motorcycle.

Currently I "own" a '14 Hyundai HB20 (1.6-liter AT4, transmission) I inherited from my father who passed away a few months ago. My plans are to sell it when I´m able to (some bureaucratic issues still to solve) and get a 451 fortwo then.

1 - Why a 451 instead of a 453? Because the '15 451 is the last fortwo model ever officialy offered here in BR, the 453 was never sold down here. Mercedes-Benz didn´t think Brazilian market was worth offering the new fortwo (the fortwo was always a "niche" car around here);
2 - Why do you want a Smart? Because, in fact, it will be my SECOND means of transportation (my first is my Harley, which I ride almost EVERY day to work). My idea is to save room on my parking space (I live in an apartment) which is too "cramped up" in the current configuration (as per attached pic). Never considered a fortwo before, even though I always liked that little 4-wheeler thing. Now I´m able to afford one (they go rather expensive around here) :)

BTW I have to thank this community for all the information we have on the forum, which actually helped me make my decisions. I´m not that DIY inclined when it comes to cars (although I like to wrench my bikes now and then, even my '18 one) but I like to understand how things works, pros and cons, common problems and solutions, etcetera, and the forum DID help me on my studies. :)

C ya soon. Hopefully with a new four-wheeler LOL.


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