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HV System Workshop

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I'm an apprentice car mechanic and was working on the HV system of my 2014 Fortwo Coupe(replacing a wire where a mouse had chewed through it after the car has been standing for 6 months). and I was taking all the precautions! (HV disconnect, gloves, rubber boots, etcetera ) and when I plugged the HV Disconnect back in I get the message: HV System Workshop : so I took a bosch EsiTronicII and checked all the fault codes and went over it and they are all good and deleted. but I still have that dumb ass message in my dash. is there any way to get rid of the message without going to an MB dealer and having them use their pricey Star system?
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Well i have kept an eye on the batteries and they are both fine. 97% on average for the HV batterie and about 65-70%~ for the 12v
That is worrisome!
Its abit low yes. But the car isn bricked. I know that for shure. It drives and charges like normal i just have a dumb message in the dash.
Takes roughly 60~ min for the batery to go from 12,7 to 11,8. So yeah i need a new one. But thats quick and easy.
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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