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I registered on March 19th also. I confirmed on Sept 19. I drove a "grey market" smart at Midwest Auto outside Chicago and found it choppy and jerky in auto mode. It was one of those brought in privately and configured here for U.S. standards. Also, they wanted 30,000 for the car I wanted. So I decided to wait. Then, I drove a smart at the road show in Louisville and was pleasantly drove GREAT. It was peppy, smooth, easy, comfortable and I'm now more impatient than ever to get mine.
Don't bother with the grey market. They are double the price for what I thought was an inferior ride and shakey warranty.

When I confirmed I was also told that my car would be delivered during the first 3 months of 2008. My ordered car is my avatar - yellow passion cabrio.:)

If Ohioans hear anything please post it. I'm in Cincinnati and we won't have a dealer.
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