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good day to all fellow smarties!
i went into Lindsay of Alexandria yesterday to roam the showroom and change some information on my smart configuration and got sidetracked by the sea of smarts outside... they had lots of '09 rally red, some '08 "reds," many blacks and a few blues. many cabrios. i was mesmerized! so i asked Ken if there were any available orphans and he showed me the list!!! he asked me for my preferences and matched me with a black/silver tridion with comfort package :D... i had configured an all black number with red interior (saw a white one w/this and decided on the spot that it was NOT my look!), alarm, all-day lights and the "super-duper" stereo but after shopping around the models on the lot decided to drive the one with the comfort package home!!!
i plan to have lots of lazy road trips with my dogs and the leather seat are fabu for clean-up of dog hair and other mishaps... the silver tridion gives it an european look that makes me think of the ones we saw on European streets last time we visited. the stereo is do-able but will upgrade at a later date. it was chilly last night so the heated seats were fuzzy warm and i even have fog lamps for all those foggy days we get in the WDC area, mainly around the Capitol building when THEY are in session...
soooooooo happy i had to get up at dawn to see the sun rise reflected on it...
gotta go for a drive. NOW. hee hee...:smartje:

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