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as many may recall,
my confirm invite never came, until i called them randomly, to see if mine had come up.

i called on 10/24/07. I had never received a confirm notice.

they said they emailed my confirm, 10/19/07.

it never came to my email box.

on the phone, they re-sent my confirm, 10/24/07.

that one came into my email box, within 5 minutes, or less.

however, I only had 2 days left, to confirm. instead of 7 days, i had 48 hours. the clock kept ticking, even though i never got the original email.

i would have lost my position, but for simple intuition, i had not called to see if i was up.

if you are due, i suggest you call, at least once a week, to the 800-usa-smart toll free number, to check to see if they have sent yours, but it never got into your email box.

i just got lucky. (unless they dont fix that roof leak problem with the new usa convertible, in which case i may get stuck with a lemon. see thread on deal-breaking cabrio flaw).

my order was confirmed, with only about 50 minutes to spare.
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