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But...If it is so important that we respond in a limited number of days, why not say so in the email we get, or post it on their web page somewhere, or put it in one of those newsletters, etc. I think anything they could say about their process without being too specific would be appreciated by those of us that are very interested in their product.
I sincerely hope you get your reinvite, hopefully your original reservation number will be honored.

As to the notice about the limited time frame to get your confirmation in, my email had the date was in bold and listed twice.

It is important that you complete this process no later than September 30, 2007 to avoid any delays in the delivery of your smart fortwo...

Again, please make sure that you confirm your reservation by 9pm EST on September 30, 2007. If you fail to do so, delivery of your smart fortwo will likely be delayed. Should you decide not to confirm your reservation, you can request a full refund of your initial $99 reservation by calling 1-800-smart-USA.
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