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I wanted to recommend a trunk organizer

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I just bought my smart a month ago so I am like a kid with a new toy trying to get a lot of the smart accessories while they are still available. The Mercedes dealership I purchased my car from said that they are the only dealership in Colorado now that will service a smart, and the majority of accessories are no longer available through their parts department. Smart Madness has been a blessing to find accessories, but in the future it looks like you will have to order from Germany, Lithuania, or China to find accessories here is a link to all of the accessories smart used to carry.

I purchased the trunk shade for my smart and found that it was extremely difficult trying to find a Single collapsible Trunk organizer that was long enough and deep enough to fit the trunk without being too tall that it would not fit under the trunk shade. After 5 tries I finally found one on Amazon that fits perfectly. The picture shows it be four compartments, but the two center ones are removable, so you can but in larger items and collapses completely flat. This organizer was 1/2 the price of a similar one I found online that advertised that it would fit a smart, but they were out of stock and didn’t know when they would get any more in. Hopefully this is of some help

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Lots of auto supply store, Walmart, and Target. Carry auto cargo organizes. All those OEM smart car Accessories are long gone. You might find some of that stuff on eBay, smart madness etc. Folks here on this forum, that are selling their cars. Sometimes offer the OEM smart accessories for sale.
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