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I wanted to share my experience with the trunk rear storage

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someone suggested that the rear trunk emergency foam boxes could be found on ebay and they were right. I was hoping for a complete kit, but after ordering the one bellow I was glad I didn’t. The hazard sign and Vest are nice because their is a place for them, but some of the things you would already be carrying in the front like an umbrella, ice scraper and flashlight. Definitely not worth paying dealership prices for a kit that contained those items. Anyway, it was a sealed plastic OEM bag the foam pieces came in and i could not believe that my storage trunk was going to close, but mercedes engineered it so you don’t use glue, but everything fits together so perfectly it closes without any problems. I already ordered the OEM box that has the replacement fuses/bulbs that fits in the center, and I found a small tool kit off Amazon that fits perfectly in another spot, and I also have a can of fix a flat that I bought to use in case I get a flat, rather then tearing up my passanger floorboard to get out the inflator and the sealent. But anyway i wanted to share to those owners who bought their cars without the foam storage and was maybe thinking of gettin one. I will include some pictures of the instructions that came with it



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On the 2008 model smart cars. That whole storage area, should have been stocked headlamps, and brake and tail lamps. As many, that burnt out on my car.
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