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ICE displaying 100+ mpg?

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I drive an ICE (gasoline) smart car. In stop-and-go city driving under 45 miles per hour, the vehicle's display is hitting 100+ mpg at times throughout the city drive. How does the smart calculate the 100+ mpg? Does the spike occur when I remove my foot from the gas pedal upon approaching a red light? I put the 5-speed manual transmission into neutral for only about the last 20 feet or so before the stop.
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It's coaching the driver on the fly, so that you are aware of what driving habits need to be sustained in order to achieve high mpg figures.

At the end of the day it's an average of driving conditions and habits. You can hit 100 mpg for a few seconds and 15 mpg's for another few seconds. You average it out and you're sustaining 57.5 mpg for those sample size seconds of driving.
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