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So Sunday afternoon I take the wife for a 40 mile trip to University Towne Center, a high-end mall in ritzy La Jolla. Figured I'd have to recharge there to get home, no problem.

How high end is the mall? It has a Tiffany's, and it has a Tesla Showroom (which was pretty cool, they had an open-chassis cutaway on the showroom floor), Nordstroms, Rolex, and is famous for it's indoors ice rink.

What they DON'T have are any public EV charging stations!!! One or two Tesla-only stations, but nothing for the public.

I had to pay $8.25 in parking fees, plus the $3 Chargepoint fee, to use a bank's parking garage a couple blocks away that had several Chargepoint stations in it.

UTC is the biggest shopping mall within a 30 mile radius of so of La Jolla, no reason they should not have 3 or 4 public chargers. Next time I'll get lunch and do my Christmas shopping somewhere else.

Rant over.
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