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Much easier to drum up this kind of enthusiasm in Europe where small cars like smart are part of the social fabric and where smart has been around since the '90s with multiple models to cater to a wide variety of tastes and budgets. And they have a lot bigger smart pool to draw from than we (probably) ever will have

To say nothing of Europeans having considerably more vacation time than we do - 30 days/year compared to 14 days/year on average. Are you likely to drive 3-5 days to Colorado, spend 5 days there, then drive 3-5 days home and use up all or most of your vacation days for the year? I'm retired so this isn't much of an impediment for me ... just sayin'.

Then there's the sheer enormity of geography. A map of Europe doesn't come close to covering the U.S. Europe and US Country Size Comparison Map - How Big is Europe Compared to the US? Much easier to get enthusiasts to a central location there than here.

I envy folks on the East Coast for having a (relatively) central location to congregate at the Tail of the Dragon.

I contend we have an equally compelling venue on the West Coast in the roads leading up to and leaving the Palomar Observatory in California. (I've ridden both.) We need someone (hint, hint smartmadness) to organize it.

Don't get me wrong, that's still a long way from home in Washington state, but I could make the journey knowing that I wouldn't be that far from being able to see my boys and grandkids in the bargain.



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I'd wait until the Nationals get a little farther along instead of jumping to conclusions. :)
With the 12th edition of Smart Times attended by Dr. Annette Winkler, 1,594 smart fans from 27 countries and a new Guiness Book of Records line of 1,114 smarts it appears that "Antwerp Envy" is appropriate?

SMART TIMES no doubt had humble beginnings and the Nationals grass roots committee who pioneered the KC event and now Denver are to be commended for all their efforts.

With 9 short months remaining, let's hope that smartUSA/DVI does provide some form of support.

Absent that support, wherever two smarts are gathered, there will be smiles and often a party will break out . . . :spots:

Motor'n to the Mountains
Westminister, CO
July 10—14, 2013 FB August 30

August 29 - smart logo


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Smart will never have the following in the US like it does in Europe. I get teased about driving one almost daily.
Sales are soft (totally dead in some markets) because the car is simply not part of the dominant American car culture. It's an outsider and doesn't fit the American ego.

If some of you don't want to burn all your vacation at the Nationals try doing something else in the car. Try the Hot Rod Power Tour. A smart may not sound like a good fit but you would be surprised what you'll find on the HRPT.
I made the Long Haul in 2004 from Dallas to Green Bay in my 65 Plymouth (twin turbo 440) and in 2012 from Detroit to Dallas in my 72 Imperial. There were 1600+ cars that made the Long Haul and over 4000 total vehicles participating.

Here's the 2013 schedule:
June 1 - QuickTrip BallPark 1600 Lone Star Pk Grand Prairie, TX 75050
June 2
- Four States Fair, 3700 E. 50th St, Texarkana, AR (200 mi) 71854
June 3
- Arkansas State Fair, 2600 Howard St, Little Rock, AR (142 mi) 72206
June 4
- Memphis Raceway, 550 Victory Ln, Millington, TN (137 mi) 38053
June 5
- Regions Stadium, 100 Municipal Dr, Hoover, AL (249 mi) 35216
June 6
- Chattanooga ST, 4501 Amnicola, Chattanooga, TN (156) 37406
June 7
- Charlotte Speedway 5555 Concord Pk S, Concord NC (316) 28027
Saturday June 8, 2013 - Long Haul Photo and awards
(1200 miles)Big Map

Anything and everything is welcome on the HRPT. It's an awesome time and I'm making plans to do the 2013 run.
The Power Tour is not about the destination, it's about the drive. They stay off the highways and keep to the two lane blacktops to see rural America.
Looking at the route map, the 2013 HRPT is going to be one of the most scenic trips they've made.
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