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ATTENTION all geeks and nerds
(I am one, so no offense meant)

I am getting a new sedan for my work
(I don't get any choice in make/model or options)

SO, it will NOT be a smart

I drive in and around the Washington DC area and cell phone coverage can be spotty in places.

SO, I am looking for a cell phone signal booster that can pick up a cell signal better than a hand held cell.

ALSO I would like a mobile WIFI hotspot so my passenger can browse the web while someone else is driving (email, WAZE nav, etc)

BOTH in ONE unit would be ideal?

Open to ANY suggestions.
Preferably from someone that uses one/both on a regular basis?

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Here's the one I have in my small RV weBoost Drive 4G-X Cell Phone Signal Booster for Car, Truck, and RV Use. Purchased it from Amazon last year. Works great for cell phone coverage no hotspot however. One problem in the smart may be getting enough distance between the antenna so no feedback will occur. Not a problem for a regular sized car with a metal roof or a RV. The other thing to remember is that most of these units require the outside antenna to be mounted on steel. This is needed to have the antenna function not just for mounting. In my case I needed a small steel plate to mount on my Alum roofed RV. Good luck finding what you need.
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