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Good evening,
Please forgive my rant, but I need to vent a little. If I was to create a video on YOUTUBE on how to accomplish a task, it would be a thorough well planned out endeavor. Igor on YouTube made it look so easy removing the top spoiler on the tailgate, Four screws and off it comes, in your sweet little hands. Well I’m here to say Igor needs to learn how to count. Seven screws Igor, 7 screws! There are two screws out of the four which Igor mentioned that are a PITA to remove. The two in the center of the hatch you need to put on your thinking cap and plan your attack or remove the entire tailgate to get them out. I opted for the thinking cap! A little scotch 88 tape to protect the roof and two clamps that brought the polycarbonate roof down just enough so the screws will clear the roof when you remove them.
I’m not one to yell out for help when a project needs to be completed, I was given a brain, skills and a good amount of confidence, invested in the right tools and discovered projects go smoothly when all the above are applied.

So after a knock down drag out fight, the top spoiler is removed. What a dirty girl under there, time for a good scrubbing!
You may think I’m nuts but what kept going through my mind was gunnery Sgt Hartman telling the troops “ When you pukes are done here, I want you to clean the head...I want that head so clean and squared away that the Virgin Mary herself would be proud to go in and take a dump”
I Just can’t in my right mind leave all that dirt under there, you may not see it, But I will know its there...

Ok so it’s in my hands, now what? lol, maybe Igor will help me lol, No Igor can’t count!
“Then the dream was over and Paula woke up” please excuse my hand, my corporal tunnel has been acting up

The wing was built good, but the hardware that came with it was questionable, so off to the hardware store for some shorter stainless M8’s and nylon washers. Took some precise measurements, drilled the holes, and with the help of a rat tail file, everything is bolted together and ready to be installed.


And we’re finished with another project. My Husband helped me with the project by putting the caps back on the bumper after my second project of the day installing my new lower valance. Seriously he drives my confidence.


OK time to serve the quests, it’s Super Bowl day , enjoy your evening...And thank you for looking
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