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I've become an a-hole in the opposite direction... I try to maximize the ECO score, so I acccelerate slowly, anticipate lights/other drivers/stop signs, drive the speed limit, etc. I've been really pissing off other drivers this way.
Ditto here. Getting my ED has made me a much better and safer driver.

Since getting my ED on Jan. 13, I have had quite a few close calls with the reckless a-hole drivers. In one case, I had someone pass me over a double yellow, as I was preparing to make a left turn and then Friday, I had someone make a left turn from a side street to head in the opposite direction... I was going the speed limit and came to a full stop within about three feet of them before they cleared my lane.
Same here. I apparently am allowing "way" too much space in front of me as I get all kinds of a**holes that MUST pass me, sometimes on the shoulder to fill in the space ahead of me. These a**holes often slam on their brakes as soon as they get into my lane. Nice! They get 20 ft further down the road while endangering everybody else on the road and slowing down traffic overall.

I like the dash cam idea!

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So, I've been the proud lessee of a Smart ED for a little over three weeks now and although I enjoy driving that little street-legal rocket tremendously I also hate what kind of a driver it has turned me into - again - in only such short amount of time.

I'm generally the impatient kind when it comes to my commute. Changing lanes almost constantly, whenever an opportunity/gap opens up, just to get ahead by a few car lengths. Even making right turns at red lights at certain intersections, only to make an immediate u-turn at the first break in the median, followed by a right turn again to continue on my hasty journey home (or to work).

I don't really know what's riding me.

Ok, I don't do this all the time, but probably more often than not. And don't get me wrong, I'm not a reckless driver. I stop at every stop sign and red light before turning, I'm very adamant about signalling lane changes and turns, so I'm not cutting corners when it comes to driving legally. I'm just not driving very defensively.

So, along comes the Smart ED and it seems my repertoire of, let me call it, tricky driving, is expanded by a whole new set of tricks. I can now press the boost button (aka kick-down) in my video game and am catapulted leaps forward to get ahead into gaps that I previously would never have envisioned. I suddenly fit between cars in traffic flow that I'd be uncomfortable to go into with a four-seater. I can make u-turns without crossing a lane. I'm already in that lane!

This is all fine and dandy, but almost every day, there's that voice in me that says, why are you driving this way? It's embarrassing. You're making an ass of yourself. It's like you're driving like a teenager again. But then, I probably never really stopped driving like one; I just have a bit of a more dangerous tool now.

So, I've restrained myself and got it better under control now, even though every once in a while I still use that boost button - it's so much fun.

Thank goodness the Smart ED doesn't go very fast too, then I'd be getting myself into serious trouble. Being from Germany, I've had my fair share of Autobahn-withdrawal. Gosh, you wouldn't believe how much I admire all these Mustang and Corvette drivers. The restraint they are exhibiting is incredible. Driving a high-performance car in a world that has speed limits that are somewhere between a third and a half of the car's top speed is like giving Viagra to Robinson Crusoe. Truly admirable.

But today, on my off-day from the Smart (I need to do that in order to keep odometer mileage under my lease allowance), I took the mini-van to work. It feels like a leisurely camel ride compared to that roadrunner. And, yeah, I can do slow just fine. Too much hassle to do those right-turn-u-turn-right-turn combos with my camel. Accelerating to get into that gap? Ah, what for? Too noisy, makes the engine rev too high.

Tomorrow I'll be with that seductress again. I will be strong... mostly.
I wish I read this post back in July! :D
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