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Insurance, anyone?

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Anyone thought about insuring one of these beasts? I wonder how my Ins. Co. is going to look at this. Might be a bit hard to tell since this version is not on the U.S. market yet.

Thoughts, y'all?
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I hope it isn't like when i tried to insure my Mini went like this, "Who makes the car?" "Mini Cooper, but they are owned by BMW" "So, it's a BMW?" "No, it's a Mini Cooper" "So, we'll list it as a BMW" ...with all the usual higher rates for an expensive German sports car.

So......Smart is owned by Mercedes Benz, what do you think will happen? :eek:

It always puzzles me that there never seems to be any car people working in the insurance office.

On the other hand your Lamborghini may be insured as an Audi, your Rolls as a BMW, your Jaguar as a Ford, etc. :cool:
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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