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interior door panels/cup holder questions

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I have a 2017 cabrio and the "net" holders on the interior doors [from 2010] has been replaced with "stairstep" permanent pockets.... if that makes sense to anyone. Bottom line, no place to put bottle of water, coffee cup or anything unless you don't mind everything resting at a 45 degree angle. Has anyone figured out how to "flatten the bottom" of that interior door for better storage.
I have coffee travel mugs that do not fit in the cup holders [they got smaller, too & I cracked up when dealer gave me a SMART car travel mug that didn't fit either] haha.
I do not want to break out the dremel to carve away to adapt. The suggestion to create a box for the passenger seat to hold coffee, water, maps, USB thumb drives for music, and other travel comforts is the only suggestion, but no room for passenger is not a solution either.

I was sorry to give up my 2010 and knew that the 2017 was a model change... and from a comfort, stability & "get up and go" it was a wonderful improvement. But getting a red cabrio was a long wait and the whole interior AND electronics has been a BIG disappointment, so I'm wondering how to work with what I have... at least as long as the car payments last --> laughing! :shrug:
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Change is difficult for us all. After living with our 451 it took a bit to feel at home in our 453 but it has happened and now, after 13 months, it's second nature. I bought a couple drink cups tha fit the cup holders - no big deal.
Yes, I have shopped for smaller cups, & changed water bottle brands to accommodate holders. You are right, it's not a big deal but losing the door panel storage means not being able to easily change temp controls because cup holders are snugged up to the control slider and buttons [defrost on the fly] is "eyes off the road, drink moved to between legs" & is hard to adjust to.
The phone holder has already been enlarged by notching out one side holder to accommodate a my Samsung phone.
That was no big deal either, except that with phone mounted in the middle of the electronics panel, I cannot easily push buttons behind it to use phone connection, the "-->" to get to music on USB's. I did learn recently that I can retro back to using my phone for nav, phone calls and music WITHOUT the CROSS CONNECT app and that is much better, and is off my "big deal" list.
Please understand, other than the interior redesign, I LOVE MY SMART & will no longer be swayed by the concern my friends and family have for the "toy" I loved & gave up to please them... and have now replaced. Just tweeking the interior for accessibility. Any modification ideas would be appreciated.

One more thing... on the steering wheel there is an image of mouth speaking [right side, 3pm position] mine does nothing. What is that for and am I doing/not doing something to make that function ... for voice activation? Is that a phone setting or a car option that was not installed in my SMART? The dealer/customer connection could not address any questions without prefacing every comment with "in the Mercedes this does ___ but not sure in this car."
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Does not function on US smarts, as we do not get the Media System the rest of the world does - just like we don't get the adjustable steering wheel and the "real" BRABUS version. It is what it is in smarUSAland....:shrug:
Thank you for answering another question -- I will put a funny sticker on it, so it won't be distracting.

You all are helpful beyond words and I thank you.
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