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Interior seats looking shabby

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I have a 2010 fortwo pure with the standard gray cloth seats. I noticed that the fabric on the drivers seat looks fuzzy or almost "pulled" in the back edge of the drivers seat. The fabric seems to almost attract stains as well. The stains cleaned up easily but I am worried what the future holds as the car only has 700 miles on it. I don't run around in dirty pants just normal jeans:D. Anyone else run into this? How long have your seats like this lasted?
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Our seats lasted about 2 years before they started looking like you describe... I'm working to get seat covers from Smart Madness...
Let me know what you decide to do. I hate seat covers they look so tacky. I just got a tach/clock combination from Smart Madness ... was broken when I got it .. they replaced it but ground from Cal to NY is 8 days. I think Fedex uses wagons and mules. Mark out there is a good guy to work with.
Those pics are exactly what mine are going to look like in a couple of months. As I said, I only have 700 miles on it so it is not that bad. It looks as if someone sandpapered the fabric. This thread is too long for Smart to ignore. I am gonna print it out and hit my dealer with it. I will not bet the ranch on any satisification but what the heck .....
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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