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Hello fello smart car owners! I am glad I found this place as I have a few questions.

We have had the car about a year. We love the gas mileage. The car can be a bit quirky at times.

We are currently experiencing a snow storm and it is definitely not the right car to drive in any snow :-/

I have a few questions so I am going to find the appropriate forum to post them in.

Thanks and nice meeting you all!

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"Quirky"? Yeah, you could say that. Depending on your point of view that may be a good thing, or not. I drove my 2008 cabrio for about seven years before any significant problems though, and I can't make that claim about any other car I've owned over the past 47 years. The problem is with the cabrio roof itself, and apparently you don't have a cabrio.

My very limited experience driving my smart in Winter conditions {with all season tires} impressed me more than alarmed me.

Welcome to SCoA, from the ******* Riviera.

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Welcome from the great Midwest!! :)

Hopefully your smartie is a good kind of quirky. As for winter traction, give the smart some good tyres and you'll plow through the snow better than many 4x4s on all seasons can. :D

Feel free to post questions in the general smart discussion if you want, it's usually the easiest place to put any question!
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