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Invite for ALL Smart Car Owners in CA-

Happy Friday,


A $200 Check*
A ultra cool T-Shirt or Hat (you pick)

What's the "fine print"
  • Download FREE app "Blinker" on your Smart'ie phone
  • List your Smart car - You Win a free T-Shirt or Hat
  • Sell your car using the secure app. BAM-you get a $200 Check.
    In fact; if you give the buyer of your car the promo code (listed below) your buyer will even get a $200 check! ($400 total*)

I would like to invite anyone looking to buy or sell a Smart car to try our free Blinker app. (Smart car preferred but ANY car is welcome) Blinker will take ANY car posted using the app and syndicate it out for you, for Free. We even syndicate your car to all kinds of websites like, Craigslist, Cargurus, Autotrader, etc... Again, all for FREE! - We decided the "Smartest" :D (and most cost effective) way to get our name (BLINKER) out to people is to have FREE giveaways. We would rather pay you than pay the local TV stations etc. Word of mouth is a powerful tool!

It is SIMPLE and Easy to claim you stuff, these are the details-

  • From download to list takes on average 6 min. (unless you get super-pro style on photos, recommended then you can list in 10-15 min.)
  • When you download the app you will need to use promo code "SMART" to claim your $200 check when it sells. You could even use the promo code to give to the buyer. (Blinker will pay $200 to the seller AND $200 to the buyer!) Give the code to anyone.
  • To claim a free T-Shirt or Hat you will need to download the app and list a car for sale. Once listed you can then email me at [email protected] Just mention your listing ID # in the email and we will get it out to you! (while supplies last, we have about 25 items)
  • Car listed must be clean title/carfax and currently registered to the seller, we check everything to make a SAFE and EASY environment. (our Blinker marketplace even covers your license plate with some ultra cool technology with a "Blinker Plate")

Our Support team is on stand by from 7am-6pm Cali time- 7 days a week and can be reached at 303-202-3050 (if you need help listing your car)
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