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Here is the plan for the first Iowa and surrounding areas rally.

It is scheduled for Sunday Sept 28th. Meet at 11am.

What we can plan to do is start in Ames, IA (~30 miles north of Des Moines on 35) We will meet at Brookside Park for awhile to meet n' greet. Below is a link for a map of the park's location:

Brookside Park, United States - Google Maps

After awhile we can hop in out Smarts and drive down to Ankeny, IA. It is around 20 miles to Ankeny from Ames.

Once we arrive in Ankeny, we can have lunch at the Sonic Drive in Restaurant. There we can eat and show off our smarts to others.

After lunch we plan on heading to the Des Moines Capital to get a big group photo and do a little more sightseeing.

That's the idea for the rally, please RSVP if you would like to attend so I can get a count to notify Sonic before we arrive. Also if you have any questions/ideas to add on to this feel free to reply with them! :D
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