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Is this true? (Air Intake Question)

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About a year ago I installed the Smart Madness silicone intake into my 2013 smart car.
Flash forward to today, and my car verbally failed the Smog test I needed to get in order to renew my tags.
I'm going to have to put back in the original intake for the smog test.
I remember how big of a pain it was to get that big box out to begin with.
My question is, is it true that the 2008 air intake box is smaller then the 2013 one?
Can I successfully use/install a 2008 air intake box into a 2013 smart car?

I'm looking at buying one on eBay used, and want the easiest transition possible.
Especially since I plan to switch back to my silicone hose as soon as the test is over.
On a side note, if I remember correctly the air intake box is mounted by one or two screws.
Does anyone know the size of these? Looking at boxes on eBay, none of them come with the box.
So I'll have to purchase them separately.
Thank you!
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I wouldn't worry about securing the resonator box real good. You should be able to pass the visual as long as it is in place. Ask you smog person & see what they say.
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