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ISO☆ 2014-Newer BoConcept CABRIO☆

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Hey out there, I am ISO a 2013-Newer BoConcept Smart CABRIO. I was set to fly out to Louisville, Kentucky (from Seattle) to buy one that I loved but the dealer sold it out from under me (poor business standards if you ask me since we'd been in negotiations for 4 days)... so I'm throwing feelers out there for another (long shot I know). Let me know if anyone has any leads?
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Welcome to SCoA. That low mileage Bo cabrio in KY was a nice one!

BoConcept CABRIO "long shot" indeed . . .
Yeah I had 'asked' if I could put a deposit on it via text but they never responded until it was already held by someone else. I think the other person might have just been more convenient as I was having to fly from Seattle.
Multiple sales folks are trying to make a sale on a nice limited edition niche CABRIO - local buyer with cash in hand will always trump texting from afar.

Wishing you luck in your search...
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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