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ISO☆ 2014-Newer BoConcept CABRIO☆

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Hey out there, I am ISO a 2013-Newer BoConcept Smart CABRIO. I was set to fly out to Louisville, Kentucky (from Seattle) to buy one that I loved but the dealer sold it out from under me (poor business standards if you ask me since we'd been in negotiations for 4 days)... so I'm throwing feelers out there for another (long shot I know). Let me know if anyone has any leads?
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Look about six posts below your post. A friend of mine posted about the very car you are looking for. It belonged to his RV'ing buddy who wanted to sell it before he traded it in. No one here bought it so he traded it in. The dealership probably still has it. My friend's name is Bob Haddock. PM him for more info. Good luck, George Oller.
Thank you, I saw that post. I actually think it was the exact car I was flying out to see but the dealer sold out from under me before I was able to get there. I'm extremely disappointed and now don't know what to do. I have a buyer lined up for the car I currently drive and now no car to replace it with. I've searched a long time for a cabrio boconcept. They're extremely hard to find! I did message Bob too just to double check. Thank you!
Yeah I had 'asked' if I could put a deposit on it via text but they never responded until it was already held by someone else. I think the other person might have just been more convenient as I was having to fly from Seattle.
that was my buddy's car that sold in louisville.
I was just too far away I guess... if anyone knows the buyer, let them know I'm still interested if they want to make a couple thousand off if it and sell it to me for more than they paid for or it!
1 - 4 of 11 Posts
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