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JBL Sound system has low bass HELP

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I've got a 453 (2019) with full JBL sound system. However the bass is absolutely garbage...
When I'm driving I can feel a little bass coming from the front of the car, but can't feel bass coming from the subwoofer.
So I went to the trunk and had a look at the subwoofer hoping it was disconnected, unfortunately it was connected.
Unplugged it and turned on the car.
I realized there's no difference in sound, so
I plugged it back in and touched the sub while I was playing music.
I can feel a slight bass, but there's no "kick" or heavy bass as I would expect from a JBL system.
It has been grinding my gears for the couple of months I've had this car and my other cars produce more bass with the stock speakers...
Hell, even my old smart 451 (stock) produced a deeper kick than this JBL system :(
Is there someone with a JBL system who relates to my story ando how do I fix this?

My response may be slow as I live in Europe.
Thanks in advance!
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My under seat subwoofer, on the 451 made a big difference. To a poor sound system. Is there settings in the 453 radio, to up the bass?
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