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I love making my stuff. I cant help it! I wanted some fog lights......and the price of the kits I found then was told the the dealer has to program that option.....LOL...No. I went to the U-Pull and found some fog lights for $20.

Pulled the ole Smart into the shop and started making the brackets and cut the covers so the lights would exit them. Wired them to the parking light and high beam through a relay. Meaning fogs are on the Parking lights and Low beams but turn off with High beans, Just like the stock ones would work.

And she looks great!! I think :D


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I would get one to go on mine but I have a smart logo in my grille
Not too long ago, I found a 52 Mercedes and bought it as a basket case but will rebuild. I am taking off the aftermarket Porsche fog lights on it to put on my resurrected 2009 451 smart.
A friend said that the lights are worth more than the smart and he may be right!
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