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Howdy, new here.

Just bought a 2014 Smart ForTwo Passion and a Time Out Easy Camping trailer. Neither have arrived yet, but on August 1st, I plan on taking them both into the Rockies up to about 8,000 feet in Gardner, Colorado.

I'm planning on having UHaul do a hitch install.

I'd love to hear folks ideas about this, all the way from "You're effing crazy" to "It's easy and you'll have fun."

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I remember taking my CA 451 smart through Eagle, CO and somewhere nearby (I was parked) a random passerby shouts out, "I betcha can't take that thing on the freeway!" I replied, "Look at my license plates" with a cheesy grin. :D He was like, "OH!" :nerd:

As long as you aren't cut in front of by somebody causing you to lose your rpms, you should be able to maintain between about 55 to 80 mph, even during most uphill climbs depending on the weather and traffic conditions. Without being obnoxious with continued high rpms, I was typically hovering between 60 and 75 mph. I didn't mind considering I was driving a 1.0L n/a 3 cylinder.
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