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Just bought myself a Fortwo

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I have been following the smart car casually since their introduction into this country. I am a fan of small cars but have only owned a few. I more or less bought mine on impulse one rainy day last week. Carvana makes it too easy. A 2015 light blue metallic Fortwo Passion City beam edition with 31k miles. So far I like it far more than expected I would. Car experts have been highly cricical in their reviews. Owner reviews are mostly positive. Negative owner reviews are predominantly dealer service related. I was expecting the car to be under powered but discovered it is quite zippy and not at all under powered. The transmission is a marvel of technology once a person accepts that it is a manual that shifts automatically. The suspension is sporty. The car handles great. It is feature rich far beyond expectations. What a bonus. I love it.
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Congrats sir. Welcome to our community. I bought mine on a whim a few years back and one put about 25k miles on it already. Fun little cars.
Regarding dealer service, it's pretty bad from what you can read, add to that the fact that smart is no longer on the market, dealers that service smarts are very few...
Would I say it's underpowered? Yes definitely. But it handles a lot better than the SUVs and trucks and blobs out there. I have mine on lowering springs and it handles even better. I often get tailgated by some nugget on straight lines, but as soon as we got a corner I don't even have to lift off, just take corners at 60 and watch them in the rear view struggling to keep up, understand and almost run off the road sometimes
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