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Your Smart Fortwo can be washed and waxed just like any other painted automobile. Most modern car washes will handle your Smart and the car will fit properly at any service car wash or a gas station self service wash. Besides these cars they are fun and easy to wash by hand and will take, only a few minutes to wash. But not all car wash machines are the same.

Tips For Washing a Smart car.

Smart cars have been put through millions of washes since their launch in 1998. The majority of the modern car washes can handle the Smart's petite size, whether a full-service facility or a gas station self-service wash.

So, your Fortwo can be washed just like any other automobile.

Occasionally, due to the Smart’s size and limitations with car-wash equipment, some spots may go untouched. Fewer automatic car washes might lessen the problem.

In any case, we've never experienced or been made aware of damages from running a Smart through a car wash. This includes Smart cabriolet tops and the glass roofs on Passion models.

The Smart also is easy to wash by hand, and cleaning will take only a few minutes.

You don't want to use dish soap on a regular basis, as it dissolves the wax. However, using it on your new Smart, and once a year thereafter, will dissipate the old wax. Many professional detailers do that to get all the built-up wax and road crud off the car. But then you must apply an effective wax and sealant.

A topic that relates to the care of your Smart, and something about which we have received many questions and concerns, is the Smart centers telling buyers they need to have a special sealant applied to their car at the dealership.

Some have reported the smart centers are charging $600. It takes the smart center 30 minutes to apply and, in our opinion, is nothing more than a very expensive wax job.

Something we found that keeps your Smart Fortwo's interior cleaner and certainly keep's your cockpit much cooler is this custom made brake cover made by American Smart Solutions.

It covers the cosmetically rough looking area around the emergency brake lever that allows dust and hot air from the engine to enter the Smart’s cabin.

To order one of a custom made handbrake cover that is made in the USA. Go to American Smart Solutions and use their buy now button for PayPal. Click Here!

If you have questions you can email them at AmericanSmartSolutions!

Smart Car Break Dust:

You'll get brake dust on just about every car. The wheels are designed to pull the dust out of the brakes and it has to go somewhere.

To clean your rims use a chrome or stainless steel or aluminum cleaner, depending on rim construction. It is recommended not to use Windex and using the incorrect type of cleaner on your wheels can remove the anodizing and protective finish.

Waxing your Smart car wheels also helps.

The more carbon there is in the composite metal brake pads, the less noise and dust there will be.

So ask about getting a brake pad that is a semi-metallic high performance low noise pad. A low-dust EBC pad reduces dust and also will stop your car faster and smoother.

Some smart owners are installing the EBC black break pads on their Smart cars, it will not completely get rid of the break dust, but it will eliminate much of it. They cost around $65.00.

Some vehicles have available after market rotor covers that go on the inside of the wheel between the brakes and the back of the wheel and cut down dust transfer to the rims. Dust shields are available from and we found ceramic brakes are cleaner but tend to show more wear on your rotors.

A Smart car, if properly cared for and maintained, does not need this expensive sealant that costs the dealer around $50.
It’s a very common practice with all dealers and with the Smart‘s small gross profit, it’s to be expected, since the money goes directly to the smart center‘s bottom line.

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