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I was parked for 2 days. Good 12v battery. I tried to use my Smart as any normal day. Buttons on remote work, but the key icon "immobilizer" came up and obviously it wouldn't start. I opened the key to disconnect the little battery inside and see if anything got lose or if there was dirt inside, found no issues. Car still has same problem after trying multiple times to disconnect the key battery. So I went home to get a spare. Got in the car and I didn't use the spare, I left it on the seat. I tried again with the original key because I was curious and the light turned on again for a second but then it went away and the car started. Drove to locksmith. Shut off and the car tried to see if the spare key works. It doesn't. No key works. I tried multiple times. I left the car at locksmith and today he calls to tell me that he can't program the key. His machine is showing error codes and there is something else wrong with the car. Do you guys have any suggestions please?
There is a little bit of history with the car. I let someone else use the car 2 weeks ago, they accidently opened up the key and the little chip dropped onto the floor, they put the key together and didn't realize that it was missing until I got there and realized the issue. I put the key back together and it there was no problems. Car had been driven a couple of times. I'm not sure if that could have done anything to the system and it took 2 weeks to see the problem.
As soon as I get the car from locksmith I will try to unplug the 12v battery and then I will check fuses and also see what kind of error codes or messages locksmith has.
Also if anyone knows any way to disable the immobilizer safety feature I wouldn't mind doing that. I have GPS on my car so even if someone did manage to steal it, I would be able to see it right away.
Thank you very much for helping

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