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Key fob not communicating with car (accessory around key slot)

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I can't start my 2006 Smart Car. I have two key fobs, both with good batteries, and I changed one as an extra. Normally, if the door is unlocked and the car is off for a while the ignition locks as shown by a lock icon when one tries to start the car. To unlock the ignition, the unlock door button on the key fob needs to be pressed. The car was left unlocked. Went to start the car today and pressing all the buttons on both key fobs had no affect. It's as if both key fobs had dead batteries. Dealer advises there are no workarounds from having the car towed the 50+ km to them. Any suggestions?
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You could try the trick that sometimes works on the 451 -

Put the key in the ignition, turn it to position 1, and while still plugged into the ignition, press the unlock button for a few seconds. If it works, you should hear the security system beep.

I’ve also heard that putting the driver’s side door and exercising the lock a few times has been known to resurrect a wonky key.
We bought a 2015 with 8k miles. Daughter went and bought a diamnd round thing to fit around theckey hole. It was diamond and pink. For a girl. We went next day and it wouldnt start with the key icon poped up. We hwd it towed to dealer and they removed the key ring diamond thing and it started like new. This fixed mine.
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Did you try to use the lock/unlock switch in the car
Wow, Donnie, that glittery bling must’ve been interfering with the immobilizer antenna. Thanks for posting your solution!
Welcome to the forum here. Glad you got it sorted out.

also try my method
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