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Kumoho tires

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I just had my 195/55s put on and noticed within 2 days after I wash my car and use Westleys tire cleaner that the tires look like Herseys chocolate brown. Most tires dont get that bad until they have some age on them and were never dressed.

anyone had any of these tires with this problem. I cant be dressing my tires every 3 days and then have all that crap sling off on my white car.

any ideas gentlemen?

thanks for your help
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no dressing than I will be the only guy with a Smart car driving around with Hershey Bar colored tires.....would you want tires like that Sub?

most tires take some time to do that but mine do it in 2 days
I would like to post pics but I do not know how. No one washes my cars and bikes but me. I have tried many dressings but have not found one that does not sling and lasts more that 4 or 5 days.

You all may think I am nuts but I dressed them with brake fluid then wiped each tire dry. Now the rubber looks like it is supposed to (flat dark black).

Oh, and the dressings all attract dust, but dust is not the problem nor is brake dust (I use ceramic anyway). Now I want to see how it last and holds up in rain and sun.

Stay tuned for further developments
what type of tire dressing did you looks great, thanks
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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