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I have a 2006 Passion (G&K). I have about 17,000 miles and last week driving down the highway the check engine light came on for the first time. I took the car to AutoZone and got the engine codes

PO130 and PO138

Both of these relate to the O2 sensor, so I figured I would try and find an O2 sensor and replace it. That has turned into a much more difficult problem than I had expected.

I tried to find the part number for the O2 sensors, after hours of searching I think the following part numbers may be correct (if anyone could verify these numbers, that would be awesome!)

000 3122 V005
002 5402 317

NTK Stock Num

0 258 006 563

Also, after finding these numbers, I found it extremely difficult to find anyone that sold these parts, in the US and every site I contacted in the UK was sold out. I contacted the smart dealer in Dallas and they said they do not work on or have parts for the 450 models.

I guess I am wondering if anyone knows of a substitution Lambda ( O2 ) sensor that can be used, that I can get here in the US (preferably in Dallas Area ;-)

Also, how bad is it if I continue to drive the car with this condition, or is there something else I should check to see if this is even the problem???

Any insight, thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
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