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The claim is that some cars monitor the lights and indicate on the dash if a light bulb is out. It does this by monitoring the current pulled by the lights and it knows when a light is out due to the light pulling no current. Since LED lights pull much less than then non LED bulbs, the sensor would see this as a light out. The Canbus error free lights have resistor in them that makes the sensor not report the light as out. I don't think Smart's have that sensor.

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I’ll go for the direct answer :p

“Festoon” is the shape of the bulb. It’s basically a rectangular bulb/LED with a connector on each end.

“CANBUS Error Free” means that it has a little resistor in it so that it doesn’t trip your smart’s rapid turn signal flash.

So, if you’re replacing the license plate lights, you’re going to want a festoon CANBUS LED.

I recommend getting CANBUS in every LED. In my experience, even if the smart detects too little resistance in the license plate lights it’ll trigger the rapid flash.
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