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I installed new LED tail light lamps all around 10 months ago after an OEM lamp burned out.

I was delighted when the blinker/hazard lights functioned after the replacement. I didn’t use any resistors.

One of Maryland’s finest informed me that I had a bad rear tail light. On closer inspection, the tail/parking light side of the lamp worked, but the brake/turn/hazard side was dead.

I was surprised that half of a $25 LED lamp died at 10 months.

And for what it’s worth, don’t rely on a rapid fire blinker to alert you to a dead lamp in a smart.

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LEDs are really hit or miss unless you go with a well known brand. Sometimes you buy a set that last forever, sometimes you'll buy some that only last a week.

I bought LED strips for my car and as of November the LEDs have been slowly dying out. I got a year and two months out of them.
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