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Sorry, there is no jump starting an electric car and simply driving away like a gas car.
It is a little more complex but not bad.
I do believe that all you have done is drained your 12 volt car "style" battery under the passenger side floor.
You need power from that 12 volt battery to initialize the electronics to make the connection for the traction battery to power the drive motors.
You have two choices. That I know of.
Buy a new 12 volt battery, if your original battery is older, or put a charger on your old battery an charge it up.
You should be good to go then.
If there is anything more I'm sure someone more knowledgeable than me will add needed information.
Good luck and plz keep us updated.
Take Care
Yes, you CAN jump the battery on the ED. Read the owner's manual. Just connect another car battery to the ED battery the usual way. Alternatively, connect a battery charger to it. That is what I did when I left the marker lights on once.
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