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Lift point and jackstand locations

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Hello all. I have a 2016 Smart Fortwo and I need to get it off the ground on all four jack stands. I noticed when I used a conventional jack and jack stands, I ended up slightly bending what looks like the pinch welds where the jack location arrows are. Is there another place that I can use? Or is there attachments I have to buy? I haven’t been able to find a clear answer. Any help is appreciated!
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Hello 2016 Smart Fortwo owner, I used to have the same concern :)
None of the info online provide any photo on the contact point between the jack stand and jacking point.
But after jacking up the rear to change the motor oil myself, I am less concerned now.
1. the pinch points are stronger than you think and Smart is relatively light weight (it can still crush you, so always be careful)
2. make sure car is on level ground, always use wheel choke and the jack stands are centered to the jacking point
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