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"Lighter-plug" trickle chargers?

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Hi all

After getting through a Canadian winter and depleting my battery at one point (I drive it such a short distance each day that I wasn't really recharging the battery properly... now I treat myself to a weekly highway spin to compensate) I started to wonder about trickle chargers.

My boss suggested I get a solar charger that can plug in via the lighter socket. I've also seen Mercedes (which sells smarts in Canada) sell plug-in trickle chargers which use AC instead... but interface via the lighter socket as well.

I've heard that in some cars out there these types of chargers simply don't work... does anyone know if they work on our smarts, is there any risk of damage, etc. etc.?

Thanks in advance
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Here is another option. I added an additional lighter socket directly under the fuse panel (drivers side). I needed a 24/7 power due to pulling my Smart behind my RV. When pulling, there is a breaking box that you need to set on the drivers floor, anyway, the lighter socket took me about an hour and I believe cost me under $3.00. Easy to plug a battery minder into. :D
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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