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little details

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i purchased a micro brush and painted the marks on the paddle with white paint then i painted the grooves or notches in the bezel around the ignition switch.

It would be nice if the factory lighted a ring up around the key switch when you get in the car at night
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On my aftermarket paddle shifters, I used a fine point Sharpie to blacken the "+" and "-" to add a little detail.
Nice. I'm glad the Denver Nationals happened before I could imagine I'd be involuntarily retired today, otherwise I wouldn't have those nifty shifters installed today. I do like them though.
Silver will reflect the sunlight and not absorb the heat. I believe they were sold by Smart Madness.
Right on both counts. But, in response to the question, I went looking on their website and couldn't find them. I vaguely seem to remember they would cease to offer them.

Or maybe my hunting skills are lacking.
I recall them installing a lot of them in Kansas City Rally
I and a good number of other folks had them installed in Denver. But, if SmartMadness still offers them, they're hiding them pretty well on their website.
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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