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little details

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i purchased a micro brush and painted the marks on the paddle with white paint then i painted the grooves or notches in the bezel around the ignition switch.

It would be nice if the factory lighted a ring up around the key switch when you get in the car at night
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I usually have the inside light come on when I open the door, which allows enough light to see where the key goes (451 models) I would like to add some lights in the rear compartment as it is quite dark back there. I do miss my rear cargo net/ divider I had on my old 2009. I should have took it off before I sold the car, they are a little spendy. This car has rear speakers in the hatch covers and that's OK with me. I am not a big music person but the stereo is much nicer than my old stock one.

Maybe key light in the arm rest (if it has one) or attached to the brake handle?? Just a thought

Always wondered why they had the marks on the paddles that were the same color as the paddles so you couldn't see them. Same with the center covers on the Pure steel wheels, I painted mine, and the wheel covers, they turned out nice.
Silver will reflect the sunlight and not absorb the heat. I believe they were sold by Smart Madness.
I recall them installing a lot of them in Kansas City Rally
It may be possible they have them and they got misplaced during their move and opening of their second store. a simple Email or phone call would answer the question if they still carry them.
You are correct! sadly Boeschebuilt looks to have discontinued the smart products. they did have a high quality line of items. I believe Smart Madness purchased a lot of their stock but it may be gone just like the AreA451 cruise.

found another shop that looks to have some smart components
Sadly there is probably some dealer that removed one and put a stock mirror in place and threw it out...:crying:
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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