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My new to me 2014 BoConcept came with a low end Jensen radio (listed in the marketplace if anyone is interested) and a back up camera. I wanted to replace the unit with something that was ApplePlay compatible. After quite a lot of research I decided to purchase an Alpine iLX-007 wireless ApplePlay unit from Crutchfield last week. The install when fine with a couple of changes. The first of which anyone replacing there 2011 and up 451 will want to use. Crutchfield send the Metra dash kit, the one that was currently installed with the Jensen. The problem with this piece is the texture on the unit is just a flat black plastic piece and doesn't come close to the pebble like finish of the rest of the dash plastic. So I ordered the SCOSCHE ST2431B 2011-Up Smart Fortwo Double DIN or DIN w/pocket Install Dash Kit from Amazon and the match is perfect. Worth every penny. Next, who ever installed the Jensen unit just grounded the parking brake line (which works with a lot of units but NOT the Alpine one). Since I didn't want to tear the interior apart getting to the parking brake wiring and tapping into the original harness. I purchased a MicroBypass Parking Brake Override Bypass for Alpine from Amazon. It works great with only tapping into the deck wiring harness allowing for it to be installed on a bench before placement in the car. see

Today was the first day I was able to do a nice long drive... in fact I had to go to the Gainesville MB dealer for some warranty work. The unit worked just like the ads show. The connection via wireless was perfect each time I had to start/stop the car. The connection was within 60 seconds of boot up. The screen was nice an clear easy to see even with the top down and Florida sun. Something even my Audi TT roadster has a hard time with. So if you are looking for a replacement unit for your smart or whatever take a look at the Alpine unit. The wireless ApplePlay connection is worth the price of admission IMHO.

Here are a few shots of the unit at work. Sorry for the quality as the backlight on the screen kind of over powered my iPhone's camera. I'll try to take some outside in a few days.

Start up screen

Main menu

The ApplePlay menu
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